LGBTQ+ Representation Part 4: Call to Action

Television has been increasing its depiction of LGBTQ+ characters in many television networks, however, much can be done by viewers to encourage more LGBTQ+ content on television.

Viewers at home can petition against organizations like the Federal Communications Commission to encourage the portrayal of LGBTQ+ content. Not only would this help raise awareness towards the FCC censoring LGBTQ+ content, but it would certainly help create a progressive movement aimed at creating content that includes characters of all walks of life. A better understanding of the content that is being broadcasted to children and other adults can certainly promote inclusiveness and tolerance in communities that target individuals who are different.

Viewers at home can also raise awareness of the issue of censorship simply by discussing the content with children or families. By discussing the LGBTQ+ content broadcasted on television or shown on films, one can teach others to not have a distaste for the content broadcasted internalized within them. As mentioned in my previous posts, viewers with conservative beliefs often shelter their children from viewing television shows or films that depicts same-sex relationships. This kind of behavior is wrong, as it demonstrates that it’s okay to dislike the intimacy characters have towards one another as a result of their sexuality. In reality, rather than having distaste for LGBTQ+ content, viewers should accept that the content shown is a reflection of the culture and people residing with the US and other parts of the world. The portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters should be treated as normal, not something despicable.

As an individual who is gay and considered a minority, I believe it would be just to portray and depict content on television that is inclusive of everyone. Censoring a particular group of people is not only a form of discrimination, it is also disrespectful. To claim that it is acceptable to censor a group that has already been facing discrimination on the basis that it is “sensitive” to other viewers is inhumane. It is uncompassionate, apathetic and downright cruel. Viewers in America and all over the world must coalesce and promote the tolerance of all kinds of groups, no matter how different.

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