LGBTQ+ Representation Part 3: Raising Awareness Among Television Networks

Television broadcasting networks continuously encourage the airing of LGBTQ+ content on television. Networks like Cartoon Network, Logo TV, Nickelodeon, or even Disney Channel have made efforts to promote the depiction of this content.
Disney Channel, for example, recently portrayed a lesbian couple in their hit tv show Good Luck Charlie. The episode in which the lesbian couple was introduced depicted two moms bringing their daughter over for a play date. The article “Disney Channel Introduces Its First Lesbian Couple on Good Luck Charlie-Watch Now” by Alyssa Toomey praises Disney’s decision to include a lesbian couple with a child. Toomey states that although Disney certainly took preemptive measures to portray the lesbian couple, the episode was “ground-breaking.” Although the episode received some backlash due to the network’s decision to portray a lesbian couple, many praised Disney for making the progressive leap forward. Stars like Miley Cyrus(a former Disney Channel star) and Evan Rachel Wood, for example, expressed their support through twitter!

The most distinguished form of awareness came in the form of censorship among Logo TV. Logo TV is an American digital and satellite cable channel that specifically airs shows centered around the LGBTQ+ community. Television shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, Finding Prince Charming, or Coming Out Stories make this television network favorable among the LGBT community. In honor of National Coming Out Day, Logo TV took the necessary measures to censor(in the form of digital pixelation and black bars) any LGBTQ+ content in order to “stand in solidarity with those who do not feel safe with living openly.” The effort to censor LGBTQ+ content was meant to bring awareness to those who live in communities where identifying as LGBTQ+ is difficult; Logo TV hoped to highlight the stories of other LGBTQ+ individuals from around the world.

Click here for the fourth part of the post.


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